What is dental cleaning?

Dental hygiene is the foundation of oral health. After your daily oral hygiene routine, comprehensive cleanings performed every 3-6 months by dental professionals are one of the most important dental treatments. Ensuring that your mouth, teeth, and gums are clean and healthy is the best way to prevent the onset of disease. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are just some of the serious medical conditions linked to poor oral health. We feel strongly that it is our duty to educate our patients that oral hygiene should be part of their daily wellness routine.

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Why are cleanings important?

Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay, which in turn may cause infection. Once infection has set in, tooth and bone loss, altering the jaw, become a very real concern. This impacts how a person chews food, speaks, and the appearance of their jaw if swelling results. In addition, these issues can lead to headaches, illness, and a variety of other concerns, negatively impacting a patients’ quality of life.

The procedure

Our dental hygienists will perform a comprehensive cleaning during your regular check-up. This consists of cleaning your teeth and gums, flossing in between, and examining your mouth for any signs or symptoms of potential problems. Oral hygiene instructions will also be provided for your home care. You will leave our office armed with the knowledge to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums clean and healthy.