Composite Fillings

Patients may develop a cavity from time to time. If during your regular dental check-up we discover an area of decay, our doctors will restore the tooth using a tooth colored resin known as a composite filling.

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How are Composite Fillings Installed?

Composite fillings can be done during just one visit to our dental office. We will apply a sedative to the teeth and gums of the patient. Once the area is sedated we will then carefully remove any and all decayed material and replace it with a form fitted filling. Finally, we will check the shape of the filling, check the patient’s bite, and ask the patient how he or she feels with the new filling in place. If any changes need to be made, we will be able to do it immediately in most cases.

Why Choose Us?

Our dental professionals use the latest technology and the safest available materials to make all the fillings we use. We guarantee a perfect fit, excellent function, and longevity- as well as the best possible appearance. Just as with natural teeth, with good oral hygiene, healthy eating habits, and regular visits to your dentist are recommended in order to promote the maximum life for the filling and help ensure comfort and good oral health for you